Toutim: A Gastronomic Delight
Toutim is a unique project that combines the elegance of French cuisine with the strict standards of kosher dining. Our venture began with a revitalisation of the brand's logo, ensuring that it captured the essence of both French culinary artistry and kosher traditions. We carefully adjusted the colors to achieve a perfect balance of contrast and readability, enhancing the logo's visual impact.
Inspired by the rich heritage of French cuisine and the principles of kosher cooking, we embarked on designing an exquisite packaging that reflects the essence of Toutim's kitchen. Drawing from the key ingredients and flavors that define our restaurant, the packaging showcases the diverse array of delicacies that await our discerning guests. We meticulously incorporated elements from our unique decor, infusing the design with a touch of French sophistication and kosher authenticity.
Continuing our commitment to visual harmony, we meticulously crafted a menu that embodies the aesthetic direction of Toutim. Rooted in the elegant traditions of French culinary presentation, our menu showcases a wide range of delectable dishes, all prepared according to kosher principles. From the exquisite typography to the carefully chosen color palette, every aspect of the menu design captures the essence of the French cuisine and kosher dining experience.

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