We were guided by Heavnn to create a series of fruit NFTs, where we had complete freedom in choosing the fruits and the style we could give them. We decided to create a collection of 3D isometric fruits because we believe it aligns with the web3 culture and allows for more creativity and playfulness. To make them even more eye-catching, we used vibrant pop colors.
Heavnn is a technology solution developed to address the tax challenges faced by location-independent workers and remote-first companies. In addition to ensuring efficient tax filing, our team of experts and tax lawyers, well-versed in international taxation, provides dedicated support to help you understand your situation and take appropriate actions to optimize your taxation.
The idea behind the NFTs is to 'Grab your NFT from our exclusive collection and get lifetime access to Heavnn.' By owning one of our unique NFTs, you not only gain a valuable digital asset but also secure your long-term access to the benefits and services offered by Heavnn."

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